About Us

Who we are!

We are – An extended hand of 'HOPE'

Precious Life International is a Washington State registered non-profit organization working to meet the needs of the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa through development projects and spiritual ministries. Our top priority is to bring the "Hope" of education – especially to the Maasai under aged girls who must deal with difficult obstacles that prevent them from receiving an education.

Rooted deep in their traditions, the Maasai people see the need of education, a tool that will help them fight one of their greatest enemies – Poverty.

Even though Precious Life is a Christian based organization, our help extends to all members of the tribes, regardless of their faith or spiritual background. Please walk with us as we help this community find what they are desperately looking for.

Our Goal:

Our goal is simple, To Save A Precious Life

Our Faith
Precious Life Is Based On The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ As Found In:
Matthew 25 : 35 - 40

Our Mission:

Concerning the girls
To help vulnerable girls of the Maasai to have the same choices in life as boys! Giving them equal opportunities at an education will enable them to decide what is best for themselves and for their communities.

Concerning the community
To build, equip and empower the community to face their daily challenges through education, and provide opportunities that will provoke the Maasai people to make wise and profitable decisions.

Our Heart
To see the Maasai people grow to be a healthy, successful and prosperous community.

Our Attitude
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We believe in "one life at a time."

Our Message:
There is 'HOPE'

Our Philosophy
In Precious Life, we believe that all people are equal, regardless of their geographical setting, and should be given an opportunity to achieve their God-given purpose. Food, Shelter, education, clean water and health are basic human rights that no one should ever be without.