Sponsor A Maasai Girl:

Thank you for considering the support of the education of a Maasai girl. Please contact us to receive a picture(s) and some information of a girl(s) to support. As soon as you sign up, a girl will be enrolled in school in either Kenya or Tanzania. Let us know which country you prefer to support. Remember, you can support more than one girl in either country.

You will receive a letter from your sponsored child at least twice a year, one updated foto each year and some information on your child's academic progress at the end of the year upon her graduation to the next grade..
Girl sponsorship means the ending of worries from atrocities, restoration of self-esteem, rebuilding of lost hopes, bringing of peace and joy to a girl and most of all, you give a child something that the world had denied her. Sponsor a girl and save a life. This is how we help the sponsored girls:

$30 will provide the following:

School uniforms which includes a dress, blouse, sweater, shoes and socks.
Supplies will include books, pens, pencils, sharpener, erasers and ink

We pay school fees for the boarding school students which covers room and board and tuition fee
Some students will require transport to school

$2 monthly for feminine products (optional)
Please see more of this on special projects page

Please take into consideration that PLI does not deal with any kind of child adoption, nor do we work with any agencies whatsoever. We are very sorry we can not help you with this process. If you are interested in adopting a child to the United States or any other country, you need to search for this information elsewhere. We tend to help children in their own country so that they may take responsibilities of their homeland in the future. Thank you for your understanding.